Sippin' on the Haterade | Grapefruit Sculpin

January 21, 2017

Marathon show as the guys get lost while drinking Grapefruit Sculpin by Ballast Point Brewing. The fellas hit on a little bit of everything this week: broke athletes, Jerry Rice's Popeye's commercial, the Chargers and Raiders moving, the AFC QB streak, NBA Jam, MLB Hall of Fame, and the teams they hate. We hear from some new callers to the voicemail line, and Mike is forced to pay up for falling short in Miss Cleo's picks and read the ad that will be going live on Craigslist.


Show Breakdown:

Beer Intro – 2:29
Upper Deck – 5:29
MLB Hall of Fame Talk – 28:03

Teams you Hate – 54:50
Voicemails from Listeners – 1:07:58

Miss Cleo's Picks/Mike's Craigslist Ad – 1:20:54 
Consume it or Can it – 1:34:31




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