Wayne Memmott Takes Us Off the Rails | Black Butte Porter

Wayne Memmott (@WayneMemmott) absolutely kills it in this episode. If you listen to this show at 1.5 or 2 times the speed, there's going to be a ton of chipmunk laughs. The fellas pound some Black Butte Porter by Deschutes Brewery (and split a Cherry Cincinnatus by Listermann Brewing courtesy of Wayne) while they talk about the high school kid that dropped 92 points in a game, Michael Jordan's ultimate saltiness, Bob Kraft hoping to get his ring back from Putin, Reggie Bush's baby mama drama, Salt Lake Screaming Eagles fan voting, St. Louis Billikens bus driver problems, and the history of the Billikens name. Eventually, the guys get around to talking about the Super Bowl and the year in sports in general, but the show goes off the rails quite a bit, and early.

Mike reveals the first email response he got for the Miss Cleo punishment and it does not disappoint.

Show Breakdown:

Guest Intro – 1:43

Beer Intro – 8:32 Upper Deck – 12:33 The Baseketball Musical Pitch – 40:00

Bonus Consume it or Can it – 44:10 Super Bowl Wrap-Up – 48:04

Mike's Miss Cleo Punishment – 50:24

Was this the best Super Bowl ever? – 1:00:59

Baseball Nerd Side Bar – 1:03:53

Did we just witness the best sports year ever? – 1:12:06 Consume it or Can it – 1:28:37

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