NBA Trade Deadline and Dumb MLB Rules | Black Rajah

February 25, 2017

The fellas end February with Black Rajah from The Brew Kettle while discussing Rick Ankiel chugging vodka before games, Ryan O'Rourke puking before games, Homer At the Bat, Mayweather/McGregor's undercard action, Neil deGrasse Tyson ripping on Kyrie, and Thirsty Dog's new collaboration brew with a Cleveland radio station. The guys talk about the only interesting trade at the NBA trade deadline, and Mike tells a story about the time he got completely fooled by an 11 year old.


Show Breakdown:

Beer Intro – 3:10
Upper Deck – 12:38
Craft Brewed Sports Collaboration Beer – 45:05

NBA Trade Deadline – 47:26
Magic Johnson Getting a Job He Doesn't Deserve – 59:10

MLB Rule Changes – 1:08:52

Mike's Miss Cleo Punishment – 1:13:03

Burn of the Week – 1:16:15
Consume it or Can it – 1:22:20




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