Patrick Wright: "Sup Brah?" | Hard Wired Nitro

The brah, Patrick Wright (@patrickCwright) becomes the first ever repeat guest on the show as he sits in on the show once again, discussing Derek Carr being a nice guy...kind of...Manny's amazing contract in Japan, Ryan Braun being a douche-nozzle, US Women's Hockey, the Power Rangers in the G-League, and Dr. J joining Ice Cube. The fellas finally get a chance to talk about the World Baseball Classic, and they take a look at their brackets and how the NCAA Tournament has been shaping up.

After some of the best voicemails that have come through to the Drunk Line, Scott unveils his new punishment for overestimating his knowledge of black hockey players, and Mike checks in on his Craig's List Ad.

Show Breakdown:

Guest Intro – 1:17

Beer Intro – 4:07 Upper Deck – 8:19 World Baseball Classic Talk – 29:45

March Madness – 44:08 Drunk Line – 1:12:58

Scott Gets Iced – 1:30:32

Mike's Miss Cleo Punishment – 1:35:27 Consume it or Can it – 1:40:51

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