March Madness, NBA Playoffs, Opening Day, and The Masters | Thirteen/164

The stories get a bit weird on this week's episode. Scott and Mike discuss Deshaun Watson's scuffle in a Tuscaloosa bar, Roy Jones Jr. doing his best knock-off Michael Vick impression, past Oklahoma Sooners working with the oldest profession, athletes filming themselves doing drugs, un-retiring numbers, and Stephen Piscotty getting pummeled around the bases.

The fellas go on to talk about Opening Week in the MLB and recap the Craft Brewed Sports bracket challenge. Russel Westbrook and his MVP caliber performance is discussed, along with the NBA playoff outlook before the fellas dive into the Masters and whether or not Tiger is the best golfer ever.

2:47 – Beer Intro 6:54 – Upper Deck 32:01 – Stephen Piscotty's Metal Dicks Kickstarter 33:34 – March Madness Bracket Pool

39:44 – Russell Westbrook and the NBA Playoffs

46:17 – Mike's Miss Cleo Punishment

52:34 – Drunk Line 55:28 – Scott Gets Iced 1:00:35 – The Masters 1:12:02 – Bonus Beer

1:20:42 – Tiger Woods and His Peak

1:31:19 – Consume It or Can It

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