Playoff Action, Chief Wahoo, and North Carolina | Thick Mint

Before breaking down their picks for the first round of the NHL Playoffs, and confirming their picks for the NBA playoffs, Scott and Mike talk about a green jacket showing up in a Toronto thrift store, the NFL fining players in Vegas and dropping random drug tests, Tony Romo and his extensive career with the Mavericks, Tom Herman's dedication chart, Anthony Davis getting denied service because of his hoodie, and foam Tomahawks ruining Atlanta traffic.

The fellas get serious about Rob Manfred putting pressure on Cleveland to drop Chief Wahoo, and then talk about North Carolina's lawmakers trying to scare the ACC. Scott takes another crack at naming the black NHL players, and Mike nears the end of his Miss Cleo punishment.

2:36 – Beer Intro 7:08 – Upper Deck 36:13 – NHL Playoff Picks 52:36 – NBA Playoffs

53:40 – Chief Wahoo

1:08:03 – Scott Tries Not to Get Iced

1:14:04 – Mike's Miss Cleo Punishment

1:19:06 – North Carolina Lawmakers Scare the ACC

1:28:57 – Consume It or Can It