JB, Goddamnit, Sits In | Kakahiaka Onu & Augustus Gloop Double Chocolate Milk Stout

From the start, the episode goes off the rails. Scott and Mike are joined by the Craft Brewed Sports mega-contributor, Jim Balint. JB brings two different Michigan brews, Kakahiaka Onu from Exferimination Brewing and and Augustus Gloop Double Chocolate Milk Stout from Fillmore 13, as the crew talks about Cuckland being Cuckland, Rich Hill helping the boos rain down, the Mike Berlon of sports promotions, soccer players kicking fans in the face, and Charles Barkley being a crazy asshole.

The rest of the episode is some of the best calls that the show has gotten, battle raps, shit talk, and everything else. It’s one you absolutely don’t want to miss.

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