An Eight Team Playoff Scenario

November 14, 2017

Everyone seems to agree that an eight team playoff in college football would be ideal. Let's take a look at how that playoff would look based on standings and some assumptions on how the season would play out. First, the set-up:


ACC Championship (12/2): Clemson vs. Miami

Miami looks unstoppable right now. But Bill always seems to get Clemson to step up. They've been there recently, and Richt tends to choke when it counts. Clemson wins a close one to get the ACC bid.


Big 12 Championship: Oklahoma vs. TCU

TCU's win over Oklahoma State gives them the tie-breaker and prevents us from seeing Bedlam Part Deux in the Big 12 Championship. But it does set up a fun rematch in the Big 12 Championship. It's tough to beat a team twice in a season, especially with the games so close together. But Baker Mayfield didn't have much trouble the first go around, and probably wouldn't the second, either. Oklahoma takes the Big 12 bid.


Big Ten Championship: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin hasn't played anyone all year and even when it looks like Ohio State isn't that good, they are still way ahead of most teams in the Big Ten. Ohio State runs away with this one and secures the Big Ten bid.


Pac-12 Championship: USC vs. Washington State

Washington State beat up on USC earlier in the year. But having to close the season with Washington before the Pac-12 Championship, while USC gets to cruise in after a bye week, could be the difference. USC wins in a close one (and I hold back from throwing up all over my TV) to take the Pac-12 Championship


SEC Championship: Alabama vs. Georgia

Never bet against Alabama in an SEC championship game. Bama wins the SEC bid.



This is where things could get interesting. The highest ranked non-Power 5 school should get an automatic bid. So welcome to the dance UCF. And that leaves room for two other at large bids. It would depend on how each team looked in their conference championship games. But based on records and the eye test, those would probably go to Georgia and Miami. 


So your 2017-2018 College Football Playoffs would look something like this.

#1 Alabama vs. #8 UCF

#4 Ohio State vs. #5 Miami

#2 Oklahoma vs. #7 Georgia

#3 Clemson vs. #6 USC


This is one of the years when this format wouldn't be half bad. Some good match-ups in there, and some potential for great drama. Sign me up.







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