Reactions to the CFP Rankings - Week 12

November 15, 2017

Saturday was basically a playoff game for several teams. And with the top 4 taking a hit, there was quite a shake-up this week. Here's my reactions to the new top 10.

1. Alabama

This might be the shakiest Alabama team we've seen in years, and they are still the #1 team in the country. As a full-blown hater, I hope this ranking pisses off Saban and we get to hear him complain about it being rat poison.


2. Clemson

Not surprised. Bill Swinney just seems to get it done lately. Seriously though, where the hell did this team come from to always be near the top the last few years?


3. Miami

After the curb-stomping they put on the Irish, Miami has a big jump into the top 4. But with Clemson still looming, one of these ACC teams will be out after 12/2.


4. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has rebounded nicely after the loss to Iowa State. And their wins in Bedlam and against TCU have definitely bolstered their resume. But with another match-up against TCU or Oklahoma State looming in the new Big 12 championship game, don't count out the possibility of the Big 12 missing the playoffs again.


5. Wisconsin

I understand they are undefeated. But Wisconsin hasn't played anyone yet. I look for them to drop out after they blow the Big 10 title game to Ohio State.


6. Auburn

A big win this weekend puts Auburn within striking distance. But to even have a chance, they'll have to win back-to-back against Alabama and then Georgia (again). I look for them to drop one of those two and miss the playoffs.


7. Georgia

Surprised Georgia stayed in the top 10. The fact they are just outside means they have a chance to play their way back in. A win in the SEC Championship can get Georgia back in.


8. Notre Dame

As surprised I am that Georgia stayed in the top 10, I'm even more surprised the Irish stayed in. They didn't belong in the same stadium as Miami. But money talks. And I'm sure advertisers are creaming their pants at the thought of a Notre Dame vs. Ohio State bowl game.


9. Ohio State

Ohio State fans are probably pretty pumped at the thought of beating up on Wisky in the Big 10 Championship and making it back into the playoffs. But the fact that Georgia and Notre Dame stayed ahead of OSU hurts a bit. They still have an outside shot, especially if Georgia loses the SEC Championship, because a win over Wisky in the Big 10 championship would help the Buckeyes leapfrog Notre Dame. But The Game still needs to be played, and the Buckeyes need to cheer for anyone playing Oklahoma from here on out. But even if Oklahoma loses, how do you put Ohio State ahead of them?


10. Penn State

Maybe if Barkley was still Barkley, Penn State would have a chance. But they don't.

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