Cincinnati Cyclones Might Have the Best Promotion Ever

November 16, 2017

We've said it on the show before, but minor league teams come up with the BEST promotions ever. And as good as Dollar Beer night is for the Cincinnati Cyclones, this might top that.


The Cyclones announced that, for their January 27th game, they will be wearing a different jersey each period...each one pulled straight from the Mighty Ducks franchise.


Fuck yes!


First off, rocking the green Mr. Ducksworth paid-for jerseys in the first period will be awesome. I fully expect the Cyclones to call everyone a cake eater all first period, and for the coach to try to bone one of the player's Mom.

Then to rock the Team USA jersey in the second ala D2 style is a great change. What are the odds we get to see a knucklepuck or the bash brothers going nuts and throwing all their gear to the crowd from the penalty box?


And finally, coming out of the locker in the third period in the new style Ducks jerseys after the classic "Ducks Fly Together" intermission speech...just like the Mighty Ducks did in the Gold Medal game in D2.


The only thing that could have made this better would be if they came out in tattered t-shirts and taped up pads like District 5. But still, best. promotion. EVER!


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