November 17, 2017

Hey Craft Brewed Nation, it's JB goddammit, you know who this is!

For better or worse, I've been tabbed to bring you up to date on all things NHL and hockey related. This is not a drill. We all knew that my 5 minutes of airtime a week wasn't enough, and now your prayers have been answered!

Now what does that mean exactly? I'll be doing my damnedest to keep you abreast of big news, trades, trends, Olympic coverage, and honestly, anything else you'd like to have covered. So please, by all means, hit me up with questions/comments on Facebook or Twitter with whatever you'd like to see me tackle. Need to know what the Habs have to do to fix the slide and get back into Cup contention? Got it. Curious about who could possibly dethrone the Penguins? Done and done. Feel that my inclusion is wholly unnecessary and you have 0 need for extra hockey coverage? Your opinion has been noted and resoundingly ignored.


But in all seriousness, I'm honored to have been asked to jump on and assist in building the empire, and am extremely excited to get back to writing. So without further ado...




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