The XFL/Madden Cam Needs to Stay

We've heard all year long about dwindling interest in the NFL. Viewership is dropping, people aren't eating pizza's fucking mayhem out there. But this Thursday Night Football game has the solution.

The only thing that keeps me from keeping the TV parked on the Xavier/Wisconsin game is the fact that Thursday Night Football is using the same camera angle the NFL was forced to use during the fog game in New England a few weeks back. Fans loved it so much, that they decided to bring it back.

And it is GLORIOUS!

If you need any further proof why this camera angle is more than just a gimmick, look no further than the play that started the second half. Mariota connected with Rishard Matthews on a seam route that you could see develop a mile away thanks to the camera angle.

It's like we're hanging out watching friends play Madden. All that's missing is shit talking, controller throwing, hurt feelings, and weird glitches.

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