What a Great Way to Start the Day

November 18, 2017

Step off, lil bro

Gunners Live / Tribuna.com (https://tribuna.com/arsenal/en/news/2483623/)


One of the blessings and curses of the EPL is that they play their games so early in the morning EST that many of the matches will be over by the time you come to on Saturday or Sunday.  Usually I have to wait until at least noon for Notre Dame football to ruin my fall weekends but when Arsenal kickoff early in the morning that can already set the tone for the day.


Typically the Gunners dominate their intra-London rivals from Tottenham but last year was the first time in decades that the Spurs finished about them in the EPL table.  I expected this morning to be no different than the already frustrating and disappointing EPL campaign from Wegner's men but lo and behold they actually won a game!  With a clean sheet nonetheless!


So our top players may not want to be there anymore and our manager may be more apathetic than Ventura and our fans may be more frustrated than a senior in the AV club and we may not be able to even advance out of group in Europa and we may not be able to keep our youth talent at the Emirates and I may be making myself a little depressed but hey!  Harry Kane can eat a bag of dicks because today we rule London!!!

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