Corporate Sits in For Scott | Boom Sauce

Scott is off enjoying his honeymoon. But the show must go on. Mike is joined by guest co-host Kyle Steele (host of Loudmouth MMA and the Nicolas Cage Movie Review Hour). The fellas crack open some Boom Sauce by Lord Hobo Brewing while talking about Brew Dog looking to buy the Columbus Crew, Oscar De La Hoya doing a 180, Walmart trolling the Falcons, Braxton Brewing catching unnecessary flack, the Cincinnati Cyclones channeling their inner Gordon Bombay, and Bama fans going crazy in the streets.

Mike and Kyle discuss Colin Kaepernick getting the Citizen of the year, Conor McGregor getting coked up, and the deadly effects of boomerangs.

We discover that, even without Scott, Mike is a white motherfucker.

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