1 Month into the NBA Season, Here's What You've Missed!

November 22, 2017

The NBA season is a month plus a couple of days old, and it has been a fantastic ride so far. Unless you tune out of everything NBA until the playoffs (like most people and that's why everyone believes nothing matters until the playoffs), you know the NBA is basically stealing every headline there is. This is because the NFL has become a boring, political cesspool of countless injuries, Petermans, and bad call debacles. The NBA is the greatest thing out there right now. So, without further ado, here are your first 30 plus days of NBA headlines.


Kyrie and Celtics are Streaking! 

That's right...all the harsh criticism that many people, including myself, gave Kyrie for wanting to leave Cleveland, he turned us all into believers (except for the whole the Earth is flat "debate"). He is leading the Celtics to a 16(!) game winning streak. That is the 4th longest winning streak in franchise history. This has put them 1st in the East. This is especially impressive because they are doing this without one of their star acquisitions, Gordon Hayward. Oh and yeah...THEY BEAT THE WARRIORS!! In as improbable of a game you could possibly have, they beat the star-studded Warriors who had all big 4 playing. It may help that the Warriors shot the ball absolutely horrible: Curry 3-14, Draymond 3-11, Clay 5-18, Durant 9-18. There is a very good chance this can reach up to 20 games before a big test comes against the Pistons, as long as they don't fall victim to a trap game vs Miami Wednesday night.


Why Did We Ever Doubt 'The Process'?

Why... because it was obvious anti-sports. They weren't playing to win the game, but damn is it working for them. Joel and Simmons are an amazing duo shining in the City of Brotherly Love. Joel Embiid had the most impressive game of his career against LA with a stat line of 46 PTS, 15 REB, 7 AST, 7 BLK....he is a 7ft monster on the court. They are letting him loose and are slowly taking his minutes restrictions away and he is dominating everyone in his path. His running mate Ben Simmons is also "quietly" lighting it up. When he is in the game the offense turns to a run and gun approach; on the court they score 1.27 pts per possession, when he is off only .77 in the last handful of games. He is a younger, smaller LeBron who is basically saying yeah so what if I can't shoot, I'm just going to run it past you and into the paint and dunk on you. Right now they are 7th in the Eastern Conference and looking for the first trip to the playoffs since 2011-2012.



Yes, the Cavs are struggling. They currently are 4th in the East behind the Celtics, Raptors, and Pistons. They are struggling because LeBron is playing point guard, all of their current point guards are hurt. LeBron is currently #1 on minutes per game with 37.9 and has played 40 more minutes then #2 Giannis. The next highest on the team is JR Smith who is 80th with only 29.9 mpg. Isaiah Thomas won't be back until January, Derrick Rose has knees made from glass, and then there's Jose Calderon who well, yeah, there's him. Even with all of the struggles it is still hard to count them out. The only way I will concede that the Cavs won't make the finals is that I wake up the day after the last loss and then it's like, well I guess they won't do it this year.


Quick Hitters

-Warriors are literally bored and are messing around until they feel challenged and then turn it on

-Sorry Lonzo, Kyle Kuzma is the best rookie on the Lakers, also your father is a moron and not an NBA coach and you're suffering under the pressure

-Demarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis, aka Boogie & the Brow, are proving you can still play 2 dominant big men at the same time

-Kristaps Porzingis is still the greatest unicorn of all time

-East has won 54% of the games in interleague play so far

-East may not be star studded, but it could be a gauntlet of young talents fighting to make their names

-Spurs are still boring and still winning, they're 3rd in the West

-OKC's "big" 3 will eventually figure it out

-Dennis Smith Jr of the Mavs is a dunk machine who will slam it down everyone's throats with authority

-MVP Race:

  1. James Harden, HOU

  2. Kyrie Irving, BOS

  3. LeBron James, CLE

  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL



Well those are the most important headlines from the first month plus. Be on the lookout for more from me and more often...yes, that's correct, more basketball.









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