Reactions to the CFP Rankings - Week 13

Not much of a change in playoff rankings from last week. Miami and Clemson flip flop positions, but everyone else in the top 10 holds their spots. That was to be expected, although there were some real tough games on the schedule for the top 10 this week...scary opponents like Mercer, and the Citadel, and Louisiana Monroe. But no upsets from those high-powered things hold.

A few thoughts:

We could end up with two SEC teams in

The rankings are set so that we will definitely have at least one SEC team in the playoffs. But there are definitely scenarios out there where the SEC gets two teams in. That seems to come up every year, but with three teams in the top 7 with only two weeks to go, it's a very real possibility this year.

We also could end up with two ACC teams in

With Miami and Clemson firmly in the 2 and 3 spots, this is the other conference that is getting rumblings about potentially getting two bids. If both teams win this weekend, and then Clemson upsets Miami in the ACC Championship, they would have a legit case to get two teams in...depending on what happens elsewhere. It would be interesting to hear Ohio State fans arguing that they deserve to get in with 2 losses and conference championship over a team that has 1 loss and a conference runner-up.

This year, the Power 5 is really a Power 4

It's strange to not see the Pac 12 anywhere in the Top 10. USC is just outside at #11. But it's pretty clear that, unless the college football world burns to the ground, the Pac 12 will miss out on the playoffs.

Michigan could spark all kinds of chaos

After clinching the East last week, the Big 10 Championship is set between OSU and Wisconsin. But what would happen if Ohio State loses to Michigan (not likely) and then beat Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship (likely)? That would set up quite the difficult decision for the committee with Clemson potentially sitting with 2 losses after losing the ACC Championship, Georgia potentially sitting with 2 losses after losing the SEC Championship, Wisconsin sitting with a single loss in the Big 10 Championship, and Notre Dame sitting with 2 losses. As a fan of chaos (especially when it could potentially help my team), this scenario seems like a dream.

When it's all said and done, I'm hoping that this year is much more dramatic than last year. One of the best parts of college football is all of the crazy upsets that happen on Rivalry Weekend and in the Conference Championship. And this year, those upsets could completely change everything that people have said to expect for the playoffs.

So join me this weekend...I'll be cheering for chaos.

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