Crosstown Shootout and Everything Else | Pumpkinator

The fellas think that it’s the 75th episode, but it’s actually the 76th. Blame it on the booze. This week, the fellas get absolutely tore up drinking some Pumpkinator by St. Arnold Brewing. The fellas talk about Josh Gordon’s drug empire, LSU’s band playing a fan favorite, FSU players vs. frat bros and turtles, another round of people tweeting at the wrong person, Lane Kiffin going full troll mode, and Mississippi State’s coaching search getting scooped by a stripper and Uber driver.

Craft Brewed Sports Bloggers Boyle, Andy, and JB call in to talk about the NCAA coaching search, looking for whales, and the Metro division of the NHL.

Scott and Mike break down who ends up as a finalist for the NFL Hall of Fame and who their picks are to make it into the College Football Playoffs.