Did Urban Meyer Accidentally Strengthen Alabama's Case?

December 3, 2017

Ohio State has won the B1G Championship after defeating Wisconsin. Three teams are in, and now we will all wait to see whether the committee puts in Ohio State or Alabama in the #4 spot.


But OSU head coach, Urban Meyer, may have just stengthened Alabama's case by mistake. 


Moments after the win, Meyer was asked about his team's chances. It was pointed out that OSU has two wins over top 10 teams,and Meyer was quick to correct that, saying, "Well actually, we have two wins over Top 4 teams."


Huh? What's that now?


Urban is, of course, referring to OSU's win over Penn State when PSU was ranked #2. Interesting. So in Urban's mind, it doesn't matter how the team finished, it where they were ranked when you played.


Uh oh.


Because right now, the knock on Alabama is that they haven't really won a big game this year. For once, nobody is talking about the meat grinder of the SEC schedule, and instead is saying that the only game worthwhile that Bama played in (against Auburn), they lost.


But not according to Urban Meyer. Using his logic, Bama has wins over #3 Florida State, #19 LSU, and #16 Mississippi State., with a loss to #6 Auburn. Ohio State has wins over #2 Penn State, #12 Michigan State, and #4 Wisconsin with losses to #5 Oklahoma and unranked Iowa.


You can see the problem this causes for OSU. Rather than stacking up their good conference wins and a loss to a playoff team against Bama's virtually non-existent good win, they have accidentally given Alabama an argument. OSU still has better wins, but an extra loss that is much worse. And Bama can talk about how they beat up on the #3 team in the country.


This is another example of fans and coaches wanting things both ways. They want credit for beating a team where they were ranked, but want us to ignore that when talking about their opponent.


I can't fault them. You're trying to sway people to vote in your favor. So since you don't have Russians to help by buying Facebook ad space for you, you have to pull some sleight of hand that would make David Blaine proud.


But don't claim a win like that. It makes you look really bad.

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