Ball Family Making Overseas Moves

December 14, 2017

Lavar Ball once prophesied that all 3 of his sons where born to be professional basketball players. Continually stating that they were only going to be one-and-done players and using the system to get to the NBA. Well as of Monday, that part of his mumbo-jumbo prophecy came true.

On Monday, LiAngelo and LaMelo, reached an agreement with the Lithuanian club team Prienu Vytautas on a 1 year contract where they will make $500 A MONTH. Yes, that is correct, the 19 and 16 year olds are going to a country which we have learned speaks little to zero English, and play basketball for $500 a month. In case you were wondering, the sunglasses Gelo stole in China cost more than what he is expected to make.



Even with the language barriers, this might be the "best choice", I say best because there is no other option for them now that they are no longer amateurs, for the duo considering the team they are going to play for. Vytautus is basically bankrupt, hence why the Big Baller Brand is perfect. The club plays in an arena that can hold 1,700 people. Most nights, 500 of those seats are given to corporate sponsors. Tickets to the team only cost 5 euros, which equates to $5.87 here, which is less than the local area minor league hockey team, Cincinnati Cyclones, who have dollar beer night tomorrow and tickets are $15.


Usually, the overseas leagues are ran like Last Chance U. You are set in a small town with literally nothing to do but play basketball, and there are usually practices every single day. Vytautus, however, has no current general manager, and does not practice regularly due to its financial struggles. The city is non-English and has roughly 10,000 people.


There are plus' though. There have been former Vytautus players to make the NBA like Toronto' Jonas Valanciunas, Boston's Aron Baynes, and New Orlean's Donatas Montiejunas. There has been 1 U.S. born player to go to the team, former Vanderbilt player Brad Tinsley. He lasted 1 month. That could be because of the surroundings, the team, or maybe even the coach, Virginijus Sesku, who is said to be "the Lavar Ball of Lithuania" by ESPN's Jonathan Givony. The best player on the team is his son, who was once considered a real NBA prospect, but was derailed by injuries. The teams lone loss in their league this year came from disqualification as Sesku was ejected from the team, went on a tirade, and the game was abandoned.....sound like anybody you know?!


My thoughts... Lavar will realize this was the dumbest possible move ever in the development of his sons. He is running them as their agent and not their father. I am not one to judge. I am 25 with zero kids. I have no idea how to raise a child, thus I should not be able to tell people that they are doing a poor job. With that being said... you literally ruined you children's future to ever play in the NBA. Gelo, was never really a pro prospect, so the 4 years at college could have matured him and he could walk out with a diploma. Melo, has now been claimed ineligible by NCAA due to he is now a professional. He is 16 and stuck in the situation you put him.  


Unfortunately, this will be another failed BBB move. Lavar will waste no time saying that this move wasn't right for his sons, mainly because of the language barrier and they really won't get playing time. I believe that they will be pulled off the team before Valentines day, so they will only be there for a little over  month. Only time will tell though.




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