Closing Out 2017 | Up On the Rooftop

It’s the last show of the year, so Scott and Mike do things right: lots of Bailey’s, some Jager, guest beers from Rochester Mills Brewing (Christmas Roast Milkshake Stout and Imperial Milkshake Stout), and the beer of the night: Up on the Rooftop from Rooftop Brewing.

The fellas talk about Tim Donaghy and his hammer, Chris Bosh’s mom going full Heisenberg from her house, Strawberry putting in work in between innings, realistic graphics in video games causing problems, Charlie Villenueva’s toilet, and another installment of Craft Brewed Sports theater.

We (eventually) determine who the Motherfucker of the Week is in a new segment, and break down the only way the XFL can survive if it comes back, Lavar Ball’s league and it’s impact on mid-majors, Disney and Fox fucking up viewership for Big East fans, and the college football semi-final match-ups.

Cheers to you all for an amazing 2017! Here’s to great things happening to Craft Brewed Sports in the new year!

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