Pissin’ Hot with Tank Mansfield | Hopslam

CraftBrewedSports.com’s MMA expert, Tank Mansfield, joins the show and brings some of his favorite beer, Hopslam from Bell’s Brewing, with him. The guys talk about Mississippi State fans taunting Auburn, Carlos Henderson going full Super Troopers, the Cavs turning their petty up to 100, Jimmy Butler and Lolo Jones’ cherry, the Marlins home run statue, and injuries from the end of the Minnesota/New Orleans game.

Tank breaks down UFC 220 and Bellator and gives his picks for the main events in both. The show gets serious for a bit talking about the Larry Nassar trial, and then goes right back to the normal shenanigans talking about the NFL this weekend.

Craft Brewed Sports welcomes a new voice to the studio with our new producer, Joe. And we hear from long time listeners Money Blakeweather, Lou the Dog, JB Goddamnit, and Boyle, who tells a story about his battle with a local bottle shop owner.