It Might NOT Be Cavs and Warriors? | Campfire Stout

High Water Brewing’s Campfire Stout is in the glasses this week, while Scott gives his theory on who the father is of Bob Kraft’s girlfriend’s baby, the fellas debate the pros and cons of letting soccer Hooligans get coked up in the stadium, Scott rails against his own team, and Mike pays up on a punishment. Our producer, and NBA expert, Joe tries to convince two guys who haven’t watched any NBA this season that their predictions of a Cavs/Warriors might not be true, and there’s more golf talk than there should be. The crew also touches on the US Open Flag Football tournament, and FC Cincinnati's chances at the MLS.

We’re running a contest with this episode in conjunction with our friends at Minuteman Tickets with the winner getting a free $50 gift certificate for Minuteman Tickets. Check the @CraftBSports Twitter feed for details, but entering is easy: - Be sure you’re following @CraftBSports and @MinutemanTix - Retweet our post for this show announcement The winner will be announced on next week’s show!

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