The 2018 MLS Season Begins

March 4, 2018

Michael Bradley is back to usual terrible form already

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Annnndddddd we're back!  The 2018 MLS has begun everyone and I know you're excited so here are my quick reactions from Saturdays and Sunday morning's action:

  • Man City might be the best team that the premier league has seen in a decade or more. Obviously this is because they got their formation right because everyone knows that you win when you play 3-5-2 duh. Their geometry on and off the ball is stunning and that was easy to see in their game against Chelsea this Sunday. I won't bore everyone with a long winded analysis so let's just say their triangles are elegant. It really is a downer though because with such a historic lead it makes almost every EPL game a little less entertaining. This is why I love the European soccer system because having those Champions and Europa League bids up for grabs keeps everyone fighting for something other than fucking draft position. Qualification into those tournaments brings in tens of millions of pounds to the franchise and if some of the smaller market teams can make it then it can set up their squad for years. Not to mention the extra beer sales at the pubs near their grounds. In America you put out a shit team for three years while requiring your fanbase to pay full price because it's part of “the process.” Fuck your process. Learn from Al Davis: “Just win, baby.”

  • So the MLS season began and apparently Toronto FC is still celebrating their treble from last year. Columbus jumped on the defending champs and got their season off on a great note picking up three points in one of the toughest road venues. While everyone in Ohio has been focused on FC Cincinnati's MLS bid it seems the boys from just a touch up 71 are ready to leave their hometown with a bang. It really is terrible to see an original team leave over what seems to be pure capitalism. The support in the city isn't as visible as it has been but some of that has to fall on the ownership group for intentionally not cultivating it.

  • Arsenal fucking suck and they need to turn over there entire organization top to bottom. If it were up to me that would include the pathetic Board of (Mis) Directors that have allowed the erosion of this club. They need a new approach and a fresh start. It is humorous to me how all these players are trying up forever their way out (I'm looking at you, Bellerin) and then play like absolute juvenile garbage (again, looking at you, Bellerin). At least we got rid of that terrible Alexis who would just not stop complaining about how he wants to win. It still sickens me to see him in that Manchester red.

Oh and for good measure I should include this awesome little anecdote: Ohio AG, city of Columbus sue MLS and Crew SC over plans to move

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