Forget Opening Day, Joey Votto Trolling Philly Fans is the Best Tradition in Baseball

April 10, 2018

We're in week 2 of the season, and the Reds are just about mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. So what do you do if you're locked into a long term deal with a team that seems to have no light at the end of the rebuilding tunnel? Well, if you're Joey Votto, you troll the shit out of opposing fans. And nobody gets the brunt of the Votto trolling worse than Philadelphia Phillies fans.


For some back story, Joey Votto has a bit of a strange sense of humor. This is the dude that dressed like a Mountie for a TV interview and talked about his imaginary horse, Nibbles, the whole time. But there's something special about Votto's humor in Philadelphia. Lets go back to 2016 where this whole thing started, with Joey punking out Philly fans...not once, but a May game. The first time, Votto fielded a foul ball and instead of just casually tossing it into the stands like every player in the league does, he decided to throw it back in to the umpire.

Later that same game, Votto faked out fans behind the dugout as he came in after an inning. Votto later said that he was taunting the adult, who had been heckling him all game. But in any case, his status in Philly was cemented...they hated him.

Fast forward to last night. Votto is holding on tight to his role as the asshole in Philadelphia...showing some hustle JUST to fuck with the fans. On a ball that most guys would watch roll to the fence, where we all hold out hope that someone will topple over the railing onto the field trying to reach down and grab it, Votto decided to sprint over to prevent the fans from getting the ball.

Fucking hilarious!


The whole thing is amazing for all of us outside of Philadelphia. A face, acting like a heel, to troll a fanbase that is full of heels? That's just a great storyline. The fans that are pissed about this (like the dude that wrote this whiny piece of shit article), should probably realize that Philadelphia fans the worst...and if you're going to boo someone, you can't get pissy when they decide to give you shit right back. You don't get to beat your chest and claim to be one of the toughest places to play and brag about how your fans will get all over players, and then turn around and cry like a baby because a star player won't let you have a foul ball. I think the term that is popular for that type of douchiness is...snowflake. Quit your bitching.


But hats off to Votto for embracing his inner troll. And with his career .427 OBP, .539 SLG, and .966 OPS, Votto can be a dick and get the last laugh more often than the fans will feel that they got the best of him.


If it makes you feel better, Philly fans, it's not just you. For your viewing pleasure, here's Joey throwing a foul ball clear out of Wrigley to be sure Cubs fans don't get it...

 And here's Votto calling a Cleveland fan fat...

Maybe Votto is just following the Bill Burr plan of attack: rip on Philadelphia right to their face until they finally decide they like you.







Joseph Daniel Votto...the player we all should be cheering for.



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