All the Playoffs | Stout at the Devil

It’s playoff time! So the guys crack open some Stout at the Devil by Straight to Ale Brewing in Alabama and talk some Stanley Cup and NBA Playoff action. The guys pay up for their missed picks from the Masters, and Scott goes all in with a hefty bet on Golden State. The fellas talk Eric Reid and Kaep not getting the time of day, and the lack of fanfare around Russell Westbrook’s multi-year triple-double stat.

In Upper Deck, the guys talk Big 3’s beef with Qatar, Action Bronson playing match-maker, Trevor Davis doing his best Greg Focker impression, Russian soccer Hooligans, Gabe Kapler eating ice cream like an alien, and Bruce Irvin’s vow to mess up Marquette King.

Mike pays up a punishment to our good friend Yanni, and chews through his beer all show long.

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