May 17, 2023

Another Year Without Canada Winning the Cup

Another Year Without Canada Winning the Cup
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It’s another year without Canada winning the Cup, because after Edomonton was eliminated, the Cup is officially coming back to the US of A baaaayyyybeeeee!!

Before the guys do that hockey, they talk about Stetson Bennett going to college for 6 years without getting a degree and the potential fall of the ACC. When the conversation shifts to the NFL, the guys laugh at Marlon Humphrey for not knowing that the Titanic was a real thing that happened and the guys play “Marlon Humphrey or a Stoner I Went to High School With.” The guys laugh at Magic Johnson finding his way to the Commanders ownership group, and Scott breaks down why he won’t be signing up for Peacock to catch the NFL playoff game this year.

It’s been 30 years since a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup, and Mike decides to take a tour on how the world has changed since Canada last hoisted the Cup.

The fellas talk about the NBA Conference Championships, and Cesar is rightfully excited. But is he getting too far ahead of himself?

The show wraps wondering if Angel Hernandez is dead.

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