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Another awesome podcast from the team at BellyUp

Very well informed on sports! Scott, Drew, & Mike actually know what they’re talking about and brings the entertainment with informed takes. Not the typical dry sports takes or people yelling at each other to get hits. Five stars!


Great stuff from the guys, one of the must listen podcast on the internet!

Great Pdocast!

Great show! Always a fund and interesting listen!

Amazing entertainment

These guys will keep you listening and get you laughing while enjoying a good conversation about sports!

Jeter Slander not ok…

The guys are great, good laughs, good takes. Scott’s weird take on the DH is a no go but everything else is great, and I get beer recommendations at the end of the pod. Love it, keep crushing fellas.

Fun sports chat

This was a fun listen with guys who work great together. Beer and sports. A perfect combo since forever.

Beer and sports

Beer, sports, and comedic value. What more can you want. I always look forward to hearing new episodes.

Love the Vibe and focus on sports

This show offers a lot of great energy! Some great insights about sports and is a fun show for anyone missing their sports-fix. Keep up the great energy guy!

All Around Fun

Mike and Scott are great hosts to keep a show entertaining from start to finish. Love catching it live so they interact with people while they record. Beer and sports, what’s better than that?

A good sports podcast

Great quality show. A good variety of topics and always fun to listen to. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Take the good with the bad.

First off, Scott only uses his turn signal during certain times, which is an affront to humanity. Also, we all know that Sum 41 is better than Blink-182, but both bands had songs in American Pie. AND Blink-182 were actually IN the movie during the montage where all the different people are watching Shannon Elizabeth on the webcam. Hot takes don’t have to be wrong takes.

I love this podcast!

This podcast is a blast. The guys are down to earth and entertaining. Whether they are talking about GoT, Avengers, IPA’s or Sports they always bring the heat!

Tune in crack open a cold one and have a blast

Literally that’s all you gotta do.

Amazing Podcast

Love the podcast!!!!

The one star ratings were from trolls

Awesome podcast. The hosts are thoughtful in their beer reviews, and their thoughts on sports. Listen to this weekly. Keep up the great work.

CBS: A Couple of Stars in the Making

Mike and Scott provide, to me, one of the best sports podcasts, let alone general podcasts, I’ve ever watched and/or listened to. Very informative, intelligent, and above all else: entertaining. They bring the humor and wit, the sarcasm and charm, and the right blend of seriousness and goofiness that really hits every note. If you haven’t yet subscribed or followed them on their Facebook page, do so now...and quickly. You won’t regret it. I promise you.

A must Listen

Hilarious Hosts, great chemistry and tons of sports knowlege, If you wanna laugh and get your sports in, boom!!! heres your Podcast. Crack open your Brew drink and laugh along, definitly a SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

Beer and Sports, yeah!

Mike and Scott run a great podcast. My favorite episodes are when that comedian Wayne Memmott is on. He makes me laugh so hard! I hope this review doesn't show who the author is.

Funny, well researched, fun to listen to.

Beer and sports can be a dangerous combo (just check any tailgate lot) but here, it works perfectly. The guys put some serious time into this show, and it shows. Production is great, segments are clever. And the guests are awesome. 😊 14/10.

Sports and beer

I mean, its a bunch of guys that don't take themselves too seriously and are having a good time drinking good beer and talking about sports. What's not to like?

Dan LeBetard Lite

Fun goofy non serious sports related show. Similar to Dan LeBetard with StuGotz as there are several regular characters including Joe, LOUtheDOG, Tank, Blake and the ever helpless JB Goddamit.

Love Sports? Love beer? Then this is your podcast..

This podcast is awesome. The two host are absolutely hilarious (not for those who have sensitive ears). But their banter and commentary always makes me laugh too hard when I'm supposed to be working. And as someone who loves beer this podcast is a great way to try new brews every week. This also keeps me up to date with what's going on in the world of sports. Waay more entertaining than tuning in to SportsCenter. Keep up the great work and keep the laughs coming!

Awesome stuff

This podcast is absolutely awesome and is a great combination of humor, sports, and of course craft brews. Keep up the great work!

Brews and buds

Who doesn’t enjoy talking sports over a beer? Best of luck to Scott and Mike as they continue their podcast adventure!