Feb. 1, 2023

Gabagool Italian

Scott and Mike start the show lamenting about their troubles from the weekend, with Scott making an impassioned plea on behalf of an athlete who got hurt this weekend and saw fans turn against him and deny him his flowers and Mike lamented about a terrible missed call that completely changed the outcome of a game and impacted one of the greats in the game.

The guys shift to football to talk about Nick Saban turning down athletes looking for NIL deals, and the NCAA making the most NCAA rule change allowing them to investigate schools based on circumstantial evidence. Plus, Scott’s theory that the 49ers are flipping black coaches for draft picks goes to a whole new level with DeMeco Ryans getting the Texans job. Plus, the surprise twist of Sean Payton heading to Denver.

In the basketball world, the guys talk about Pat Beverly going with the pettiest move showing the camera to the ref and then dive into the Bill Walton second screen experience. The fellas put together the ultimate broadcast team who would actually get them to watch the Spelling Bee. Mike tells the story of the JV girl’s basketball coach who posed as a 13 year old in a school tournament and balled out against little kids and the guys try to determine what age they feel comfortable taking on.

The show wraps with Mike and Scott starting to geek out over the World Baseball Classic, and Cesar struggling to pronounce names and throwing shade at the Gabagool Italian, Mike Piazza.


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