Jan. 25, 2023

Just Hoping All the Teams Have Fun

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It’s AFC and NFC Championship Week, and Scott and Mike once again find their teams one step away from the Super Bowl. So just like last year, the fellas invite some friends who are fans of the opposing team to come on and talk trash. But to Mookie’s dismay, everyone wants to hedge and they all are just hoping all the teams have fun.

  • The fellas start out by finding one takeaway from each divisional game:
  • Sirianni showed the Eagles the final battle from 8 Mile to hype them up to face the Giants
  • Mahomes beat the Jags on one leg
  • The Damar Hamlin Conspiracy sure is something
  • You know it’s bad when Greg Abbott is roasting the Cowboys kicker on Twitter'


Jared Klim from Korner Booth Podcast joins the show to go on tangents about the Eagles and breaks down the film he watched on Brock Purdy.

Robert Taylor from the Twitch channel Dungeons and Dumbasses hops on the show to talk about Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs as he tries to out-undersell Mike.

The fellas wrap with two Lunch Pail Guy Parlays.

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