March 22, 2023

March Madness Might Tear This Show Apart

March Madness Might Tear This Show Apart
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The match-up everyone on the show wanted when the brackets were announced…Xavier vs. Texas…is going down Friday night and it’s official: March Madness might tear this show apart.

Before the in-fighting begins, the fellas talk about Team USA’s road to the championship game while keeping an eye on the WBC Final against Japan. The fellas marvel at Trea Turner’s tournament, talk about the Cuban bullpen catcher who defected hours after Cuba was eliminated, and ponder the future of the WBC with some notable injuries hitting star players in the tournament this year. Plus…a Mexican pizza and KFC Double Down rabbit hole and the Tampa Bay Rays might have the best ticket package ever.

The fellas shift to football news and talk about the big QB Free Agent news of the week: Cam Newton planning on working out at Auburn’s pro-day to get back to the league.

Finally, the fellas get to March Madness talk, and Cesar goes full bad guy trashing Xavier. The guys debate the better conference: The Big East or the Big 12, and talk all the trash. Plus, everyone laughs at Detroit Mercy trying to lobby to get invited to post-season tournaments so that Antoine Davis could break the scoring record and then get super pumped that Slamball is coming back.

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