May 10, 2023

RIP To Bob Huggins’ Career

RIP To Bob Huggins’ Career
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As a show of mostly Xavier guys, it’s hard not to celebrate the death of Bob Huggins’ career after he used a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati radio station trying to make fun of Xavier. The fellas spend a good chunk of time laughing at Xavier taking down Huggins without having to do anything and ponder why Huggy Bear has such a grudge against Xavier (spoiler alert, it’s because he’s 8-10 against the Musketeers). 

The fellas shift gears to talk about the NBA Playoffs, and Cesar feels like his Celtics should be much further ahead in their series against the 76ers. Plus, the guys decide if they should tail or fade the corgi who has accurately picked the first 4 games of the Lakers/Warriors series.

The conversation moves to baseball, where the fellas wonder if Mookie is coaching Alabama after the Bama coach was fired for using a proxy to place bets for him against his own team. Scott thinks it’s hilarious that baseball and legal sports gambling are contributing to the downfall of college athletics.

The guys dig into Dallas Braden’s statement after Glen Kuiper torpedoed his own career dropping a slur during an Oakland A’s pre-game broadcast. 

The show wraps with the fellas doing that hockey, and discussing whether or not the NHL Draft Lottery was rigged for Chicago.

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