Joe Hall Has Officially Walked Across the Country

Joe Hall ( has officially walked across the country. After stepping foot in the Pacific Ocean this afternoon, roughly 6 months and 3,176 miles from when he started in the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware, Joe has completed his walk. The fellas celebrate Joe’s accomplishment and try to find out Joe’s thoughts about finishing, if he planned some deep words for the final steps, and what he’s learned about himself.
The fellas shift gears and talk some football, and try to decide which is more embarrassing: the Vikings getting tricked into putting a porn star’s picture on the Jumbotron or Peter Burns talking about Ben Watson’s wife on live TV. Plus, Zach Wilson has lost the locker room with players “accidentally” liking tweets trashing him.
The guys laugh about Bama having a path to the playoffs, and Mike reveals the most recent Wiseguy’s Top 10 with only 8 teams because that’s all you can currently bet on at Draft Kings.
The guys get mad at the Rose Bowl, clinging on to their tradition and holding up playoff expansion before looking at what a 12 team college football playoff would be right now, and how Alabama would end up in the Championship game.
The show wraps with Cesar making an unbelievable joke during World Cup talk, and then revealing that he didn’t know Bud Light was the light version of Budweiser.

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