The Unintentional Roast of Mookie

Cesar is furious that nobody else dressed up for the show, and an off-handed comment from Mike about Mookie’s outfit coming from a work even sparked an absolute powder keg as the comment section explodes into the unintentional roast of Mookie.
Joe Hall ( joins from the road in Nevada, only a week from reaching the California border. He tells the guys about his plans on wrapping up the walk, and how he’s planning on handling the upcoming snow storm in the area.
The fellas look at some of the big moves from the NFL trade deadline and then talk about Michigan State’s football players jumping a Michigan player in the tunnel and Mookie has an interesting take as to who is to blame. Mike tries to #FreetheTree as he talks about the Stanford Cardinal mascot getting benched before revealing this week’s Wiseguy’s Top 10 rankings.
Fire or Dumpster Fire makes a triumphant return as the guys take a look at the cities and logos that the XFL revealed and give their thoughts.
Cesar is pumped about the Astros, and the guys laugh about the most recent cheating allegation before Scott weighs in on the A’s moving to Vegas.
The whole show laughs at Louisville, and tips the cap to the Lakers for finally winning one. Cesar is pumped that the Celtics are out from under the Udoka drama with the news of him going to Boston.
The show wraps looking ahead to the news of Messi coming to the MLS.

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