March 19, 2020

The Quarantine Episode | Quilter’s Irish Death

The guys practice social distancing for a truly unique episode. With Quilter’s Irish Death in the bat mugs, Mookie and Mike break down the NFL Free Agency QB carousel, and then talk about how weird it will be seeing Tom …

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March 12, 2020

The All Athlete Boy Band | The Case of the Missing Custard

Charles Barkley said that Draymond Green is like the least famous guy in a boy band, and the guys decided to create the all-athlete boy band for Draymond to be a part of. Introducing: The Purple Aces.The fellas also discuss …

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March 5, 2020

Coronavirus Overreactions | The Holy Hermit

Mass hysteria has hit, as the NBA and college basketball are taking preventative steps in response to the coronavirus. Mookie, Mike, and Jon break down which reaction was the biggest overreaction. The show goes in so many different directions from...

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Feb. 27, 2020

Drew Wiley Hangs Out | Diamond Star Halo

NFL hopeful, Drew Wiley, takes some time away from playing Madden to talk about his time at Villanova and his prep for the NFL Draft. Drew and Mike also talk about the Fury/Wilder entrances, the NCAA transfer proposal, the Astros …

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Feb. 21, 2020

Cincinnati Style #20 | The FC CINCINNATI DUMPSTER FIRE

The fellas start out talking about Joe Burrow and whether or not he is the next generational talent. Then Mike gets super amped for Spring Training starting up before Mookie absolutely unloads on FC Cincinnati.The show wraps with the guys …

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Feb. 20, 2020

Joe and Mookie Fix Baseball | Juice Jr

It’s Joe’s last week for a few months, so the guys crack open some Juice Jr. from Great Notion Brewing. The fellas try to talk about the Elam Ending in the NBA All-Star game, but get distracted by talk about …

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Feb. 12, 2020

Future NFL QB James Morgan Joins In | Kid In A Candy Store

James Morgan, former QB at FIU and NFL hopeful, calls in to talk about his prep for the combine, beating Miami, and going off alcohol, all while the guys sip on some Kid In A Candy Store by Weldwerks Brewing.With …

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Feb. 7, 2020

Cincinnati Style #19 | PETE ROSE Won’t Stop

Pete Rose is up to his old tricks again, and the fellas have feelings about it. They rank baseball’s scandals before discussing the lack of direction that FC Cincy has in compiling their team.The guys get into Fickell’s future with …

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Feb. 6, 2020

XFL's Tre Watson Joins In | The Cat Ate My Stash and Pissed on the Xm…

Tre Watson, linebacker for the Dallas Renegades of the XFL calls in to talk about the upcoming XFL season, Bob Stoops’ demeanor as a coach, and the XFL rules to watch out for while the fellas crack open some The …

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Jan. 31, 2020

Cincinnati Style #18 | BAUER STACKS and Castellanos

Mike is all kinds of amped up after the Reds sign Nick Castellanos, and the fellas stumble on the best possible way the Reds can capitalize on Trevor Bauer’s unique gifts. The fellas talk Xavier’s struggles and correct some previous …

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Jan. 30, 2020

Sir Yacht Joins a Niners Podcast? | Pineapple Smoosh

It’s Super Bowl Week, so the guys crack some Pineapple Smoosh by Separatist Beer Project and talk about all of the amazing prop bets for this weekend’s big game. They get into the reaction to Kobe’s passing before interviewing Sir …

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Jan. 24, 2020

Cincinnati Style #17 | All Y’all All About the FLORENCE Y’ALLS?

The guys take a bite out of this weird Joe Burrow food tour that is apparently a thing before talking some college hoops and Memphis’s awful looking court. Then they move on to discuss the Florence Freedom changing their name …

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Jan. 23, 2020

The NFL Is Ruining The Water Show! | Whose Kids Are These?

After a real heavy hitter last week, the guys drop the ABV this week with some Whose Kids Are These? a raspberry chocolate stout from Barrier Brewing.The fellas look back at Championship Weekend, Andy Reid’s celebratory burger, and what type …

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Jan. 17, 2020

Cincinnati Style #16 | Joe Burrow Hates SKYLINE?!

The fellas discuss how Mike Brown can screw up picking Joe Burrow at #1, and Burrow’s hatred of Skyline Chili. The fellas get into how UC has excelled since the Crosstown Shootout, while Xavier has gone the opposite direction. Mike …

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Jan. 16, 2020

Joe Burrow’s a Snitch | Oh My God, He’s a Bozo!

The tripod is back in effect as Joe is back in the Speakeasy. The guys crack open a heavy hitting 17.2% ABV brew, ‘Oh My God, He’s a Bozo!’ from Evil Twin Brewing. The fellas recap the National Championship game, …

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Jan. 10, 2020

Cincinnati Style #15 | The Reds are Playoff Bound

Mike is a little too excited about the Reds heading to the playoffs after the Shogo signing, and there is no way Scott is going to be able to reel him in. The guys talk about Andy Dalton’s (most likely) …

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Jan. 9, 2020

New Year, Same Us! | Montfort

The guys are missing Joe for the first show of the decade, but the two-man tripod carries on while popping the tops of some Monfort by Mumford Brewing.The guys get into the NFL coaching carousel, what really happened at Jerry’s …

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Dec. 20, 2019

Cincinnati Style #14 | Reds Hot Stove Heating Up

The guys talk about the beatdown the Pats handed the Bengals and look ahead to the Tank Bowl against Miami. Mike perks up talking about the Reds signing Wade Miley before the guys discuss UC and Xavier struggling after the …

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Dec. 19, 2019

Closing Out 2019! | Jingle Jangle

The whole crew is back together for the last show before the Roaring 20’s. The guys pop some Jingle Jangle from The Bronx Brewery while they talk about The President’s Cup, Rob Manfred trying to kill off the minor leagues, …

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Dec. 13, 2019

Cincinnati Style #13 | Crosstown Shootout Recap

The guys break down Xavier’s win in the Crosstown Shootout, and talk about Travis Steele cementing his legacy as a hero at X. The show also delves into UC’s heartbreak in Memphis, the Patriots filming the Bengals, the Reds window …

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Dec. 12, 2019

College Football Playoffs or the BCS! | DDH Little Brother

Joe is MIA tonight, so Scott and Mike crack open some DDH Little Brother in his absence while they talk about the College Football Playoffs and how an 8 team playoff would look. Plus, they get into the secrets of …

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Dec. 6, 2019

Cincinnati Style #12 | Bengals Dubs and The Shootout

Andy gets redemption and the Bengals finally break the seal and get into the win column. The fellas look ahead to the Browns before moving to the other big topic in Cincinnati sports this week: The Crosstown Shootout.We talk about …

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Dec. 5, 2019

Paul Finebaum and Hockey Talk! | Peanut Butter Milk Stout

It’s #stoutdrankinszn and the guys crack open a Peanut Butter Milk Stout by Belching Beaver Brewing while talking about Paul Finebaum’s dream scenario to get Bama back into the playoff conversation, the Warriors talking about trading a pick they don’t...

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Nov. 22, 2019

Cincinnati Style #11 | At Least It’s Basketball Season

Another week, another Bengals loss. Scott tries to find the silver lining, while Mike tries to step away from the ledge. The fellas look ahead to the Steelers and talk briefly about the Browns/Steelers game from last week.The fellas shift …

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